Dedicated to the Moore's legacy of advancing the great State of Idaho.

Applying for Grants

The Foundation makes grants to any qualified tax-exempt Idaho nonprofit organization.  Particular grantmaking priorities include rural healthcare, educational programs for children, and programs in underserved communities and for underserved populations.  Prior grants made can be seen on by selecting our 990 forms and looking at the last few pages.  The Foundation does not limit giving to a certain type of program or need (i.e.: programs, equipment, bricks and mortar, salaries and benefits), however administrative costs are not preferred.  We are interested in organizations run in a cost-effective manner and serving large numbers of people who are truly in need. 


The Foundation has only one grantmaking cycle per year.  Applications must be postmarked by May 15.  Grants will be announced and disbursed by August 31.  The Foundation only accepts unsolicited grant applications from tax-exempt organizations within the State of Idaho.  Unsolicited applications from outside the State of Idaho, from individuals, or from organizations not providing proof of current tax exempt status will not be reviewed or acknowledged.

Application materials are available by sending an email inquiry to

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